Monday, October 31, 2016

My Core Farming Team Part II

I allready gave you some instructions how to start with my Starting Guide and the different ways ot increase the power of your heroes. After you passed this you need a Farming team, therefore I recommended my Core Farming Team with a general overview about passives and set items.

Today there will be Part II of my core farming team, just a small presentation of my heroes and insight into future progression of it.

My heroes aren't full powered yet there are a lot of small things, which must and can be improved before I concentrate on other heroes.

This are my 2 current team setups & my todolist for every hero:

Jules (Jurre)
Awakening first Skill
Gear upgrading
lev6 Passives

Farming active Skills
Awakening both Skills
Gear upgrading
lev6 Passives
Limit Breaking to lev 130

leveling to 120
Farming active Skills
Awakening both Skills
Gear upgrading
lev6 Passive

final Gear improvements
lev6 Passives
Limit Breaking to lev 130

Giant Bat (Riesenfledermaus)
6 Star
2nd passive
Gear upgrading
lev6 Passive

Sunday, October 30, 2016

10-10 Legendary with 3 stars finished!

After many tries I could finish 10-10 Legendary with 3 stars with my core farming team (Davinci, Piet, Luna, Giant Bat).

After this win, I started farming Jules with Raid Tickets for increasing her skills and using her passive for tanks.

My next goals is to maximising the power of my farming team and doing some tower levels.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Core Farming Team for Adventure Mode (legendary)

This is my core farming team:

Jules (Jurre)
Davinci *Leader*

Giant Bat (Riesenfledermaus) (as debuffer instead of Jules in tanky heavy situations)

This team has many synergies and fit very well together.

Let's start with the main damage dealer Luna. She is a 3* SK Hero and can be summoned, so maximising her skills have very high priority and is easy doable. She has two Energy Skills. Her first one hit and stun the heroes which are the furthest away for 2 Energy. If this skill is awakened you get 1 Energy back after use. Her second skill is amazing for 2 Energy. You hit everything on the Screen and have  20% ignore defense if awakened. If you can cast this twice in a row for 5 Energy you can melt the hole screen if enemy is debuffed.

***Luna needs the best weapon and gear!***

Piet our Mana healer have a very strong debuff for 1 Mana. The healing skill won't be used very often, but the debuff is mandatory. She needs cooldown reduction to line up the debuff with the skills from Luna.

Davinci is the Leader of this team. Her skills are good, but that's not the reason she is in the team. Her leader skills are amazing for this team and she can also tank enough if I switch Jules with Giant Bat.

Her leader skills increases the attack power and provide Luna enough Energy. She has 20% cooldown reduction for all heroes, this helps Luna's attack, Piet's debuff and Jules shield. Furhtermore she increases the defense of Jules and herself. All Leader skills fit perfect for this team.

Jules the tank of this team provide a damage reduction shield for the hole team for 1 Mana. If awakened it also buffs the Attack power. With a cooldown reduction set and Davinci as Leader it's possible to have this shield all the time.

Energy is used by Luna for her 2 attacks (2E)
Mana is used for Jules shield (1M) and Piets debuff (1M). Sometimes also for Davinci's 2nd skill (2M).

Giant Bat replaces the tank. He can be farmed easily with gold and his skill should be maxed out before using. Giant Bat is a great debuffer. Both of his skill cost only 1 mana. He needs a lot of cooldown reduction to have 100% uptime on his first skill, which silence the enemy. This is important because we don't have a real tank now. His 2nd skill is a defense debuff.

The defense debuff should be paired with Piet's debuff and followed up by 2 uses of Luna's 2nd skill Hurricanbarrage.

Luna: 2x Energy Regeneration (Robin - Light Hero)
Davinci: 2x Energy Regeneration (Fredric - Shadow Hero)
Piet: 2x Mana Regeneration (Arian - Nature Hero)
Jules: 1x %Def (Pincho - Destruction Hero), 1x -Melee Damage (Jules) - start with 2x %Def don't waste your Jules for passive skill at start!
Giant Bat: 1x Mana Regeneration (Hekate - Destruction Hero), 1x Cooldown Reduction (Thunderstorm) - these passives are for lategame, I recommend using Energy Regeneration before, because it's easier to get!

Gear Sets:
Luna: Rage(4) & Fatal(2)
Davinci: Rage(4) & Swiftness(2)
Piet: CDR(4) & Swiftness(2)
Jules: CDR(4) & HP(2)
Giant Bat: CDR(4) & HP(2)

This was only a small overview about my core farming team.

Most Information I got from Vaelek SK YouTube videos.
Very good and informative guides from him about this heroes.
Giant Bat

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hero Progression Path

There are 4 big different ways to increase the power of your heroes.

At the start we concentrate on increasing the stars of your heroes and their level. Your main team should consider about 5-8 heroes, all should be upgraded to 6 stars and level 120.

The other important possibily to improve is to gear your heroes and get important set bonus and stats.
Following basic recommendation for the start:

1) 2x HP(2) & DEF(2)
2) Cooldown Reduction(4) & HP(2)

1) Healing(4) & Swiftness(2)
2) Cooldown Reduction(4) & Swiftness(2)

1) Rage(4) & any other offensive set
2) Cooldown Reduction(4) & any other offensive set

Shield: Cooldown Reduction
Armor: HP Regeneration per 5 Seconds (in particular for tanks and melee)
Ring: - Shadow Damage
Spellbock: + Shadow Damage (in particular for damage dealer)

Upgrading your Skills is very important to get more power. You should pick a strong 3-star SK Hero as damage dealer, which you focus first and upgrade his skills. (I like Luna) Try to farm this hero as much as possible to get at least every 2 days a new skill. Later you should summon every day a new hero.

The next step is to promote your heroes and give your hero a 2nd and 3rd passive. Before you do this level the hero which give you the passive to 3 better to 4 stars.

Tanks: %Defense is easy to get and good
Healers: Energy or Mana Regeneration
Damage Dealer: Energy Regeneration or Damage Increasing Passive for your Mana Heroes, because Mana Regeneration for Ranged or Melees is more difficult to get and a waste of a good hero.

For promotion you must farm the material dungeon, therefore you will need an own mana team.

Limit Breaking your damage dealer is a very important task to improve your core farming team, but first get all other members of your team to 6 stars.

Focusing on Gear is a very long way to get your perfect gear.
Wait for farming legendary adventure mode before you put too much effort into perfecting your gear.
All your heroes from your core farming team should have at least purple gear and +10.
Then you focus to get perfect gear and upgrade it further. You always start with your main damage dealer.

First you want the right stats on the gear, then you upgrade it to +5 and hope you get the same stat again, if not you continue to farm until you get 3 time the same stat. Like my spellbook for Luna.

Then you improve the quality at least to purple. Later you can change bad stats with an anvil.

3x 7% Shadow Elemental Damage, 1x 7% Nature Elemental Damage

Enhance most of your gear to +15 and really good and important key items to +20.

Rage Set Weapon - 14% ignore defense, 4% attack, 6% critical attack

Skills for Damage Dealer should be upgraded to 6 and awakened, then concentrate on tanks and healers, depending on the effect.

Getting your 2nd and 3rd passive to level 6 is one of the latest thing you should consider, because it needs the same resources to level to 6 stars or limit breaking. You can upgrade a hero for the passive to 6 stars, if you have unused ku's from rewards. I got some nature ku's from legendary adventure rewards, which I dont need, so I will upgrade a Manaregeneration Healer to get a lev6 passive for Piet.

This is only a very short overview about the hero progression path.
Sorry for my screenshots in german. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Get Friends earn Hearts buy Stamina!

One of the first thing you should do in this game is to fill your friendlist.
You can have a maximum of 50 friends. You can and should also invite strangers to get it full. If you want you can sent me your friends request, then I will make space for you.

Every 6 hours you can send your friends and get as rewards hearts, furthermore your friends also sent you hearts. Sent and collect your hearts:

Register a mercenary to get gold every minute and if the mercenary get hired you get additional hearts. You must collect several times during the day.

The only use for hearts is to buy stamina or to hire a mercenary from your friends. Buying stamina is recommended.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Starting Guide - How to start and get a core farming Team

As I learned from Vaelek SK we must focus on upgrading few heroes first to farm the adventure mode in legendary difficulty. After this it's much more easier to set our focus on other goals and team setups. If we don't do this, it will take much much longer to progress, but where should we start?

First we should focus on an Energy starting team. The heroes should be upgraded to 5 or 6 stars and get a starting gear, which should be upgraded to +5 minimum. If possible the heroes should get a few passives. For more passives we must farm the material dungeon. The most difficult is the Mana Team. This is our next goal. After we can farm the Mana Material Dungeon on level 5 on auto, we can concentrate on our Core Farming Team.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

New World

Welcome to my blog!

First I would like to say thanks to Egoboost, who advertised this great game in his german youtube videos and to Vaelek SK who have very informative youtube videos with many useful informations.